A connected room of one's own

(Cyber)space and (self)management of the self

A connected room of one’s own is a lucid essay about intimacy, private space and the Internet; this book reflects on the challenges that the new uses and habits in the net mean for building, politics and management of our personal identity. This booVer más provides elements for discussion on a wide range of disciplines, from anthropology and sociology to philosophy and politics, and it will particularly appeal to active investigators in network culture, feminism and identity/cultural studies.

Ficha técnica

Traductor(a): Skipp, Tom

Colección: Señales

Número de Colección: 5

Tema: Antropología social y cultural, etnografía, Ensayos literarios, Estudios de comunicación, Estudios de género, grupos de género


ISBN: 978-84-15174-36-3

Formato: ePUB

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